Compression Sock Performance

The Compression Sock Performance stocking is specially designed to meet the needs of active individuals. The noticeable compression it exerts improves circulation in the legs, reduces muscle vibrations and speeds up recovery. Its light, breathable material feels comfortable on the skin. This makes it the ideal support over long distances, when running or cycling for example. 

  • Improves circulation 
  • Speeds up recovery 
  • Light and breathable thanks to microfiber


∙ Set pressure profile– consistent therapeutic gradient (Ccl 1 = 20-30 mmHg) for improved circulation

∙ Calf stabilization – reduces typical muscle vibrations and prevents premature fatigue

∙ Breathable microfiber – provides optimum thermoregulation and is hard-wearing and comfortably light to wear

∙ Elegant design – understated for professionals and goes perfectly with any style of clothing

∙ Non-skid foot design – comfortable protection from pressure points and during increased strain



The Bauerfeind Compression Sock Performance exerts noticeable compression on the leg that complies with medical standards and effectively improves circulation. This ensures an optimal blood supply to the muscles and helps them perform for longer, particularly in endurance disciplines such as cycling or marathons.

The result: More energy reserves for long distances and quicker regeneration.


Care Instructions

75 % polyamide, 25 % elastane

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